Thursday, August 4, 2016


I’m now throwing myself into a slew of new game development project, but right now I’m doing it on the web, hopefully to support most of  popular web browser available at the time of this writing; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and other major mobile Web Browser . So, I’m  about to embark on a new game development hobby project using HTML5 and JavaScript/TypeScript technology.
Why not, since I’m not a web designer but familiar in general programming, by using JavaScript/TypeScript I will instantly become a web  developer ;)) and hopefully to create a fast and robust plugin-less rich interactive web applications.

TypeScript KeyNote * Anders Hejlsberg Goto; Conference
Why does TypeScript have to be the answer to anything -- Scott Hanselman

Introduction to TypeScript by Jes Chadwick

The JS/TS - ZGDK  ( JavaScript/TypeScript Z’s Game Development Kit ) – is intended to be a game framework for HTML5 that supports most of the popular web browsers and to reduce the amount of time needed for creating games as well as to provide a fast and stable game engine which can be used to simplify the game development process without the use of any third party libraries such as (any)Query.
Since I’m  still heavily working on this technology there will be a stiff  learning curve and heavy research for this project, and I don’t guarantee that everything I will  mentioned and posted down from here is technically accurate and correct, what I have here is based on my research, interpretation and understanding to the Socket networking subject and should not be consider as facts or best approach, so better take my posts with a grain of salt and BTW English is not my first language.
Blog contents related to Z-GDK's development may be modified from time to
time to comply with library's latest revision and for future referencing.

There you go my first post, so hello reader!

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